Notes and Action Items – October 2023

This summarizes the discussions and action items from the October 2023 meeting.

Primary Take-Aways

  1. This was our 7th Road Captains really appreciate the chance to share feedback and insight, and the trust and respect have really increased. It is a fun event with a fun group! By now, we have seen some tangible success stories acting on the feedback from these summits.
  2. Home Time – It seems as good as it has been due to the Fleet Planner model. Yet we may need to better understand what creates ‘quality’ time at home, such as more daylight hours or arrival/leave-out details. Thankful to see progress and yet still have new angles to consider.
  3. ESOP communications need to focus on “what’s my balance” – simple is better. ESOP Calculator can help with this if we launch it well! ESOP awareness is mentioned after every summit, and is a continual challenge to communicate it well. Growing balances may help us with this challenge.
  4. Give thought and attention to how we can keep the driver service mindset in place at the Hudson shop. A growing number of new faces can make it more difficult to create a service-minded, driver-friendly experience.
  5. Continue encouraging a phone call or proactive communication when something changes on a load. Personal communications when plans change can smooth things, vs. a short and impersonal text message. This concept goes beyond just Operations.

Potential Action Item Targets

  1. Announcement about Online Training – make it mandatory. Then begin steps towards 100% completion.
  2. Make ESOP details part of a driver’s success plan. Explore this idea, is it scalable?
  3. Driver directions (final mile) and Company notes need work. They can tend to be inaccurate, outdated, and can be messy.
  4. Update Directory roles in LiNK so that this is more up-to-date. To help drivers as they wonder who they should call about a particular topic. Explore potential updates to the Directory tool (such as categorizing by teams and by groups)
  5. 24/7 shower access in Channahon would be a big win (if possible).
  6. Secondary (spousal) optional email address and communication channel, to get key communications into the home – carryover from last summit.
  7. ETA calculations may need an update to be more useful – carryover from last summit.