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The Impact Our Trailers Have Had On Others: 

On my way to work on Interstate 55 this morning I saw one of your trucks with a scene of a family camping along with the words ‘Faith and Family’ on the side. I would like to offer my congratulations for promoting the traditional values that our great country was built on. I wish more companies would take this stance and not be afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

I have had the opportunity to see your ‘Faith & Family’ trailers on numerous occasions. As such, I must say that they are a welcome site. They are beautifully done, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly they remind me of what is truly important in life. As a father of two beautiful young daughters, the image depicting the father attempting to teach his young daughter to ride a bicycle is especially meaningful to me. I just wanted to thank you for doing this campaign.

I saw one of your trailers today that had ‘Faith and Family’ written on the side of it and it brought a smile to my face - enough to draw me to your website and research your company a bit more. It is very refreshing to see a company dedicated to God and doing His work. So with that, I thank you and wish you a blessed day in the Lord.

We were traveling back to Baton Rouge From Houston after an appointment with a cancer doctor there when we passed your truck... emblazoned with a can’t-miss-it message of faith and hope across the trailer. We felt uplifted and encouraged in the Lord. Thanks for being who you are!

Just saw one of your trucks with “Celebrating Faith & Family” plastered on the side. Loved it, so I went to your website and saw the link for Faith and read the page. I wanted to say thank you for your openness about your faith in this culture we’re operating in. It’s encouraging to know we’re not alone. May God bless and multiply your business and influence in the community.