Building long term relationships with customers that have relied on our commitment to safe, on-time, professional service.

North, South, East & West.

We’ve got you covered.

Nussbaum is centrally located in Hudson, Illinois to effectively serve customers in the Midwest region and throughout the continental United States.

We also have drivers domiciled in various locations to improve our operations efficiency. These locations include Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Georgia, and more.

What we can help you achieve?
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Dedicated Contract Carriage:
  • Round Trip
  • Multi-stop
  • Power Only Option
Irregular Route Truckload:
  • Point to Point
  • Multi-stop
  • Drop & Hook
Industries Served:
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive Parts
  • Building & Construction Materials
  • Furniture
  • Heavy Equiqment
  • Retail Merchandise
  • Steel
  • Tires
  • And Others


When it comes to the handling of your product, we ensure that it arrives safely and on-time – delivered by the best drivers and equipment in the industry.



We're leading the industry in fuel efficiency with a fleet average over 9 miles per gallon and many trucks reaching even greater than 11 MPG.


Drivers stick with us. Our turnover rate is a fraction of the industry average, providing our customers a level of service and experience that's a cut above the rest.

Industry Leaders Partnering Together.

  • We utilize all 53’ Duraplate HD trailers from Wabash National. With an interior width of 101” and heavy duty construction, we’re ready to take on any load.
  • We buy Freightliner trucks exclusively. Our partnership with Freightliner has allowed us to develop a tractor unit that is reliable, efficient, and comfortable.


As a partner in the EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership program, we have worked to achieve the highest fuel efficiency standards possible.

Trailer Tails

Aerodynamic device to improve fuel economy


Aerodynamic Splash Guards Improve Fuel Economy and Performance

Trailer Skirts

Reduces aerodynamic drag caused by air turbulence

Wheel Covers & Fairings

Reduce air resistance and improve fuel efficiency

6×2 Rear Axle + Wide Based Tires

Maintain inflation pressure and reduce rolling resistance.

Decrease the “Gap”

When the gap decreases, MPG’s increase


Smooth shift performance, durability and ease of operation

Freightliner Cascadia Evolution Spec

Sets the industry benchmark for long-haul applications and fuel efficiency

15 liter Detroit

Taking innovation and efficiency to a new level

Bergstrom Solar Panels

Avoid costly idle time when the truck is sitting while still keeping the cabin climate-controlled and extending the life expectancy of the batteries by as much as 200%.


With our online customer tools, you can get updates on exactly where your shipment is so you can rest easy knowing that your shipment is right where it needs to be when it needs to be.

Easy Access

Access your shipments quickly and easily, from any device.

Find Shipments Fast

Date Range, Trailer #, BOL, PO, SID or other reference number

Stay in the Know

Track progress with up-to-date location details

Proof of Delivery

Download a detailed report of shipments that were made.

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