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Driven by an unwavering committment to his faith and family.

Jeff Wood / Roanoke, IL

Jeff’s Story

At some point in every little boy’s life, he thinks he wants to be a truck driver. And I didn’t want to spend the last 10-15 years of my working years doing what I was doing – I wanted something different, and so I found myself getting my CDL.

Within the first minute of the conversation with Nussbaum, Tianne said, ‘We are a faith-based company. That doesn’t mean you have to have faith to work here, but we want everyone to know upfront; that’s how we operate.’ And I thought resolutely, ‘God is leading me here.’

Life on the Road  2:22

Jeff gives his insight on what life looks like both personally and professionally when he’s on the road.

Driving With Nussbaum  2:03

From the very beginning – Jeff knew driving with Nussbaum would be different.