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Episode 101 // Celebrating our 100th Episode: A Look Back at Season 1

Our milestone celebration continues!

In today’s episode, we’re recapping Season 1 – episodes 1-60. Our first podcast aired on December 28, 2018, and it’s been an incredible ride ever since! Get ready as we re-live some amazing stories from the first season, including:

  • Our CFO spends a week behind the wheel as a trainee.
  • Colonel Jay Clayson on 37 years in the army, beginning with Vietnam.
  • Laughing our heads off with the one and only Kent Pitchford.
  • Interviewing a former police chief-turned-driver.

Hosted by Phillip Adams, Season 1 boasts some of the podcast’s most iconic moments and a guest lineup of living Nussbaum legends. Don’t miss this special throwback!

Click HERE to listen to the full episode or find it on your favorite podcast app!