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Episode 110 // Across Three Continents: Telling Stories with Morné Van Rensburg

It’s usually his accent that gives it away. Out of all Nussbaum’s employees, Morné Van Rensburg might just win the award for “traveled the furthest to get here.” Though he is now an official Midwesterner and working the IT Help Desk at Nussbaum, Morné was born 8,700 miles away in South Africa! And at age 12, his family moved to a new continent, country, and culture – the United Kingdom.

In today’s exchange, Morné invites us on two interwoven journeys. One is filled with culture, unique foods, and adventures across three continents. The other is more personal, as Morné shares about finding authentic faith and a hope that keeps you anchored in troubled times.

And speaking of hope….be sure to stick around til the end, when Morné helps us reveal Nussbaum’s newest trailer graphic campaign!

Here’s a preview of today’s episode:

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