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Episode 118 // The Building Fell Over: Telling Stories with Kenol Aurelus

“It was like the end of the world.” That’s how Kenol Aurelus, now a Professional Driver for Nussbaum, describes the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010. It was an unforgettable day – especially since he was right next to the Presidential Palace when the ground started shaking!

Once nominated as the Best Photographer in all of Haiti, Kenol was holding his camera when the earthquake hit. In the aftermath, he captured what would become world-renowned photographs of the devastation. He even met CNN anchor Anderson Cooper!

In today’s exchange, Kenol recounts his story of growing up in Haiti, becoming a photographer, taking pictures for the President of Haiti, the earthquake, and his transition to the U.S. It’s an incredible journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Here’s a preview of today’s episode:

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