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“We wanted to provide better service, but there just wasn’t time….” 

No one has ever said that to a customer (hopefully). In the services sector,  it’s usually not too little time that causes a poor experience, but an inefficient use of time.

In transportation especially, minutes matter. Trucks are moving to reach customers and provide an on-time, satisfactory experience. Small gains in efficiency add up to huge benefits. That’s just one reason among many that Nussbaum partnered with Phillips Connect.

In 2021, we finished installing the Phillips system across our trailer fleet. Using advanced sensor technology, Phillips sends us real-time data on trailer speed, miles driven, load weight, and location – just to name a few. It also monitors critical system components, such as the Automatic Tire Inflation System (ATIS) and the Anti-Lock Braking System (ALBS). Departments across Nussbaum now have real-time insight into equipment health, location, and status. For example:

  • The shop team can assess a trailer’s health and schedule proactive maintenance before an issue becomes critical. They can send Phillips data to our roadside service vendors when breakdowns occur to speed up diagnosis and repair. These processes help ensure equipment functionality, on-time delivery, and effective cost management.
  • Planners can quickly locate and re-assign empty trailers, which keeps drivers moving to their next delivery and limits deadhead miles.
  • Dispatch can verify a driver’s location in real-time. We can see if a load is one time and respond more quickly if a maintenance issue arises.
  • Our drivers can quickly locate nearby trailers via their tablets instead of hunting through a drop lot.

Back in March, the Best Fleets to Drive For gave Nussbaum the honorary tagline “there’s a process for that” (they know us well). Thanks to our partnership with Phillips, we’ve established a more efficient, proactive process for managing over a thousand (literally) moving pieces. They’ve enabled us to use our time more efficiently as we connect data with decision-makers. It’s a winning strategy – for Nussbaum and our customers.