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Doing Good

By December 21, 2022No Comments

Building Blocks

Every business has a foundation – whether it was intentionally laid or not. Nussbaum is built upon five core values, one of which is benevolence.

Does that mean Nussbaum donates a certain percentage of profit to charity? What does “benevolence” mean – and how does it play out?


We like this definition:
Benevolence: (noun) – the disposition to do good.


Nussbaum proudly supports organizations that serve and advocate for others, such as Home Sweet Home Ministries and Focus on the Family. We believe in using our financial success to bless others. But how can a business “do good” beyond just writing checks? A few months ago, five Nussbaum employee owners sat down to answer that question.

A Culture That Cares

The newly formed Benevolence Committee seeks to engage employee-owners in a culture of “doing good.” This includes promoting and/or facilitating service opportunities, on and offsite. In 2022, we participated in:

  • Packaging Tender Mercies meals in the breakroom at Nussbaum in partnership with the Midwest Food Bank. Employees signed up for 2-3 fifteen-minute shifts and enjoyed working together to bless others!
  • A mission trip to New York City with Spread Truth Ministries. Several of our employee-owners got to serve at food pantries and help deliver two semi-loads of food.

We look forward to more opportunities in 2023!

True Benevolence

In addition to events, the Benevolence Committee promotes the idea that “doing good” should be a daily habit – not something we sign up for once a month. Remember our definition of benevolence? It’s a disposition – a character trait – of doing good. It’s something we practice in the “small” moments: holding the door, offering to help, or actively listening. Our goal is to be purpose-driven in everything we do, positively impacting the lives of everyone we interact with.


So, How do I Get Started? 

The key is to take opportunities as they come.

Are you blessed financially? Give.

Do you see a service opportunity in your local community? Serve.

Is your coworker struggling with their workload? Offer to help.

Is your child feeling like a failure? Remind them how much you love them.


“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”

Lucius Seneca