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It was 1945 when my father began this company, and throughout the 70-year history of Nussbaum Transportation, our family has worked hard to build a business where faith and family are honored. So when we began to discuss wrappers for our newest trailers, we decided we should include a message that says who we are as a company, and what we most value.

Brent NussbaumCEO

Taking Our Values With Us Everywhere We Go

You will soon begin seeing our new trailers on the road, sporting the words, “Celebrating Faith & Family since 1945.” Photgraphed in Colorado, the beautiful images on this series of trailers feature families enjoying time together.

What makes these images even more special? The “models” are not actors; they are real families, and the authenticity of the love and tenderness in the scenes is truly evident.

In the trailer series, you will see:

"Training Wheels"

A father teaches his young daughter how to ride her bike.

"A Hand To Hold Onto"

A husband and wife, hand-in-hand, share some much needed alone time.

"Gone Fishing"

Two boys spend the day fishing with their dad on the lake.

"Campfire Stories"

A family sings songs and tell stories around a campfire… just add s’mores!


I’m truly excited about this trailer campaign. I believe it beautifully and concisely portrays what Nussbaum Transportation believes in and stands for, a message I am proud to see prominently displayed on our new trailers. It is my hope that when people see these images on the road, they will be reminded of their own faith and family and be filled with warmth, love, and fond memories.

I’m interested to hear from you…What are your favorite family moments? What are your thoughts on this campaign and the related images?