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By Doug Bradle, COO of Nussbaum Transportation

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I took our children on a getaway trip to Tennessee. We pulled a pop-up camper, and the experience reminded me again of why I respect the work all our drivers do week-in and week-out.

I realize an 18-foot camper is not the same as a semi pulling a 53-foot trailer. But, you still run into some of the same issues: running at a slower speed than most of the other motorists, not being able to turn around just anywhere, more inconvenience when looking for food options… along with all of the issues that are out there for everybody like construction, an aging road infrastructure, construction, motorists in a hurry, and construction!

We were also together as a family during the course of the week. Our drivers spend the week alone, or, maybe, with a child or grandchild along for the week.

The Great American Truck Driver

As time goes on, my appreciation and respect grow as I see how the American truck driver truly is the backbone of our economy. They continue to deliver goods through the challenges I listed above.

Not only that, but my appreciation grows for Nussbaum truck drivers. We get consistent comments from the motoring public and our customers on how Nussbaum drivers perform and conduct themselves. Timely, good customer service, professional, and courteous are just some of the words that we hear to describe our drivers.

Nussbaum Drivers Take Care of Their Customer

We have customers who develop strong relationships in instances where they see the same driver all the time. We also have customers who call us and want to know when we’ll be back if they see we’ve been removed from a certain run or lane.

A couple of months ago, we started dedicated service at a new location for GE. Shortly after beginning service, we received an email that the customers were loving Nussbaum, and it was the first compliment on a trucking company that GE had received in a long time. The next day they had another customer compliment Nussbaum as well!

Thank You, Drivers!

Thanks to each of you drivers for conducting yourselves professionally and courteously, taking care of your equipment, and, in turn, taking care of the customers through all of the daily challenges.

Without you, we wouldn’t exist!