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Episode 103 // Motherhood, Marketing & the NEW Host of the Terminal Exchange

Featuring Dayton Rumbold, Marketing Specialist

Today is bittersweet. Our beloved host, Saige Anderson, is passing the baton as she prepares to enter full-time motherhood! And before she goes, she’s here to introduce the NEW host of Terminal Exchange, straight from the IT department! (Wait, what??)

With two hosts in the studio, we’re not sure who’s interviewing who…. but we’re excited to meet Dayton and hear his story! Our biggest questions are, how did he go from studying Computer Science at ISU to the marketing department at Nussbaum? And why did he take a solo trip to Alaska?

And of course, to honor Saige’s last time in the studio, we’ll reminisce about her time at Nussbaum and suggest a few baby names. As Saige put it, “This might be the most sentimental episode yet.”

Here’s a preview of today’s episode:

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