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Episode 98 - Telling Stories: Managing Accounts & Munchkins with Lindsey Staff

Featuring Lindsey Staff, Dedicated Account Manager

With 25 drivers, three dedicated accounts, and two young boys, Lindsey Staff has her hands full! But as you’ll soon discover, her genuine heart for people makes her perfect for the job. In today’s episode, Lindsey & Saige chat about being an Account Manager, recording audiobooks for her kids, and cultivating a meaningful rhythm in life’s “ordinary” days.

(You’ll also hear Lindsey mention some familiar names around the Nussbaum office. Did you know that she and _____________would go “stair sledding” with laundry as kids? Or that she and ____________ watch each other’s kids every other week?

You won’t want to miss out! Here’s a preview of today’s episode:

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