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Employee Owned, Purpose Driven

There’s a subtle, yet missional difference between being an employee and being an employee-owner.   

When we became an employee-owned company, we wanted to acknowledge this difference by updating our tagline and vision statement. Already having strong mission and vision statements in addition to a solidified set of core values, we didn’t want to change the direction of our vision. Rather, we wanted to refocus and simplify our vision to make it more actionable and retainable.  

Like a new pair of glasses, this updated vision statement brings clarity, giving our employee-owners a statement that is easier to grab onto and act on.  

As an employee-owned company, Nussbaum’s vision is: 

“To be Purpose Driven in everything we do to positively impact the lives of everyone we interact with.” 

It all boils down to that. 

How to be Purpose Driven

You show up – to better your company through your role. 

You invest your time – with an effort to do your best at your fullest capacity. 

And you go home with a joyful heart – knowing you are a part of and actively affecting something bigger than you. 

You are driven by a purpose greater than yourself.

At Nussbaum, we are collectively driven by our unashamed desire to serve God and serve those around us. And to make that desire tangible, we are driven to act. 

We step up to impact the receiver signing the bill of lading, the lumpers shuffling cargo at the dock, the cashier making change at the truck stop, and the rookie struggling to back up. 

Where many stay silent and blend in with the crowd, employee-owners at Nussbaum are purpose driven to speak up, lend a helping hand, problem solve, or give out a smile. 

We’ll stand out in a world that’s encouraged us to fit in and relaxed our awareness of each others’ needs. 

Our purpose driven mantra is evident in every interaction and in how we take care of each other, the company, our business partners and vendors, and our communities. 

We are employee-owned and purpose driven in everything we do to positively impact the lives of everyone we interact with.