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We are excited to announce the installation of trailer tracking for our fleet. Phillips Connect Technologies (PCT) is currently installing devices.   

The trailer tracking from PCT is “a revolutionary ‘smart trailer’ system that provides GPS tracking, cargo detection, Automatic Tire Inflation System alerts, tire pressure and temperature monitoring, and an Anti-lock Braking System Decorder that provides detailed fault codes, trailer VIN information, and mileage reporting.”  

The device is a nose-mounted unit with a solar panel that is also tethered to the nose box, giving it two sources of power. Ideally, the two power sources will increase the longevity of the tracking units.  

Also, we’re installing the TireView system by Pressure Systems International. “This new solution delivers real-time tire health to a fleet’s operations managers.” 

Whether hooked to a tractor or not, we will be able to gather all this information on a trailer. 

Phillips is also working on many additional trailer health items, and we are excited about the potential they bring to the table. There will be more information coming and more functionality for the driver force as we move forward with getting these deployed.  

By this time next year, we hope to have all 2015 model year and newer trailers installed. 


Take a look at this article from Heavy Duty Trucking for more information: