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It’s nearly lunchtime.

At 11:59:59, you head for the buffet, practically starving (transportation and logistics is hard work!). At one end of the line, there’s pizza, pasta, bread – all the carby things your doctor says to avoid. The other end has salad, vegetables, and meat – the food your body needs.

“But what difference does it make?” you think to yourself. “Right now, I just need energy to make it through the day. Both options will do the trick, and the carby stuff sure tastes better….”

Is that the right line of thinking? If not, what are you missing?

Back to Transportation

In your business, carriers are lined up around the block to take your freight. It’s like visiting a buffet – the options are endless!

Any of them could probably get the freight from Point A to Point B, just like any food can give you a short-term energy boost. And in many cases, one option tastes better (or costs less). But long-term, what does your body need? What does your business need?

Carriers may have capacity, but do they have service? Do they partner with you and really focus on the safety and optimization of your freight?

For Nussbaum, the goal is service – not just moving the freight, but how we move it.

Service Elements

So, how do we deliver that service? It’s rooted in a few essential elements:

  • Data-Driven, Performance-Focused –with Power BI (a leading business intelligence tool), we track customer success metrics like On-Time Delivery % (OTD), completed orders, and revenue. This helps ensure performance standards and alignment with your goals. If we identify a service issue, we can drill into the data to identify root causes and take corrective action. (For example, the On-Time Delivery report assigns a “cause” to each late load, allowing us to track performance trends). We share these metrics with customers on a regular basis, so you can hold us accountable!
  • Always Watching– wherever your load is, people and computers are watching. Our customer account coordinators (CACs) manage the day-to-day logistics of scheduling, re-scheduling, and coordinating Plan B if an issue arises. Simultaneously, our Phillips Connect ® system monitors trailer health and critical systems to ensure your load is safe and on the move. If Phillips detects an issue, it alerts our shop team to schedule the trailer for maintenance.
  • Customer Tools – know where your load is, 24/7! Access our online tracking tools from any device and search for shipments by date range, trailer number, bill of lading (BOL), purchase order (PO), or other reference numbers. If you need an account, please contact our CAC team.
  • From the Driver’s Seat– ultimately, our drivers deliver the standards you’ve come to expect. We do our best to incentivize good service, but in a roundabout way. Instead of paying extra for on-time loads, we incentivize driving and safety habits that lead to on-time loads: speed control, space management, number of moving violations, fuel economy, etc. This focuses the driver’s attention on how they drive, not just a desired outcome.

A Culture of Service

At its core, Nussbaum is a relational company. We get to know our customers as people, not just “prospects” or “revenue sources.” We are purpose-driven to create a positive impact with each interaction; whether it’s a two-minute phone conversation or the long haul of a business relationship, we aim to leave people and organizations better than we found them.

We’re also an employee-owned company. As owners, we think differently about our organization and the services we provide. It’s not just “Nussbaum’s customer”; it’s our customer. It’s not just “Nussbaum’s service”; it’s our service. Because we have a personal stake in the quality and success of our work.

It’s our pleasure to serve you!