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Episode 112 // Ep. 112 // Special Episode: An Interview with Brent Nussbaum, CEO | The WOW Factor Podcast

Today, we’re teaming up with Brad Formsma, Founder & CEO of I Like Giving and Host of The WOW Factor Podcast! Brad takes over our studio to interview Brent Nussbaum, CEO of Nussbaum Transportation, about his life, career, and lessons in leadership. This conversation was released as a WOW Factor episode (#228), and now you can listen right here on Terminal Exchange!

In this interview, Brent Nussbaum takes us on a personal walk down memory lane. Reflecting on his early years at Nussbaum, losing his father at age 23, leaving and returning to the family business – Brent describes the people and events God used to shape him into the leader he is today. He also shares how God transformed his view of business and led Nussbaum to begin using full-wrap trailer graphics to encourage the public.

Under Brent’s leadership, Nussbaum has flourished and set new industry standards for safety, technology, and the driver experience. What makes this possible? Settle in as Brent shares his WOW – Words of Wisdom – about leadership, taking care of employees, and relying on God to direct you each day.

Here’s a preview of today’s episode:

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